OAPublishing Collective Cooperative

The OAPublishing Collective is a publishing cooperative for scientific content from the fields of education, media/pedagogy, culture, code, social work and much more.

The purpose of the cooperative is to provide its members, in a politically and denominationally neutral manner, with publication, editing, publishing and other services in connection with publicly accessible, specialised scientific publications, in particular and not exclusively via Open Access, and to make these publications openly available to the general public in an appropriate manner. The purpose also includes – but is not limited to – the management and hosting of journals, the publishing production and distribution of book and booklet formats as well as services in the field of specialised publications The Cooperative may itself undertake publishing activities within the scope of its purpose. The Cooperative may engage in all commercial, financial and other activities, such as the organisation of events, conferences and congresses, which are directly or indirectly related to the purpose of the Cooperative or are suitable for promoting or facilitating it. The Cooperative may acquire, encumber, hold and sell real estate in Switzerland and abroad. The Cooperative may establish branches and subsidiaries in Switzerland and abroad and acquire interests in other companies in Switzerland and abroad. The activities of the cooperative are charitable and not for profit.

UID: CHE-410.230.696

CH-ID: CH-020-5000688-7

EHRA-ID: 1612051

Address of the cooperative

Oberdorfstrasse 11
8424 Embrach
Embrach, Switzerland

Contact person

Dr phil. Klaus Rummler